Charity Walk For Peace – Hillbrook Primary School Tooting

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association Balham (AMEA Balham) organised a very successful Charity Walk for Peace with Hillbrook School in Balham on July 19th 2017.

The walk followed on from AMEA Balham’s work with Hillbrook School over the past 4 years where they have helped to arrange food stalls at various school events and occasions, which in turn has helped raise funds for the school through match funding.

The Hillbrook School Charity Walk for Peace was themed for the Year 6 students so they may gather some memories and enter in the life of high school with the message of peace and harmony. Students from Year 6 were also tasked with writing poems about peace and over 30 poems were written from 58 students.

The School invited various local dignities including the Mayor of Wandsworth and MPs to honour the event.

The walk was proceeded by an introduction to the walk itself by the Vice Chairman of Charity Walk for Peace, Mr. Rafi Ahmad Bhatti. He told students that Islam is a religion of peace and terrorism has no link with Islam.

The students then undertook a light 1 mile walk in the school ground and were awarded medals on completion.

Lunch was provided by AMEA Balham to both students and teachers.

The Head Teacher of the school had this to say:

 “It’s a pleasure to support the Charity today. It has been a real pleasure for the school to always support the charity and we enjoy doing these things. It’s good for the children to have examples of thinking about others. It’s a pleasure to support the charity walk for peace and it’s generosity and support for the school as it’s been a wonderful relationship and we are really proud to be support it.”

The Deputy Head Teacher, Simon Gallon, had this to say:

“I am very pleased to be part of this walk today in school. It is very interesting in ensuring that we are an inclusive community and I’m aware that the charity that are promoting peace are the values that they hold close to them so I’m pleased to be part of this today.”

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Charity Walk for Peace
A walk organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Elders Association
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